Radiation curing, flexo, screen printing, roller coating

About us

We are specialized in “radiation curing” inks, varnishes and primers (our products dry – in fact they polymerize – by exposure to UV-light, LED-light or Electron Beam). We started in 2001 with the production of screenprinting UV-inks and varnishes. Our actual range of products includes also flexo and rollercoater UV inks, primers and varnishes. Some of our products ar also available for LED-curing systems (395nm). All our products are developed and produced at Heusden-Zolder. 

Flexibility and quality are our trade marks. Almost every product can be modified to the special needs and request of our customer. (a different type of machine sometimes requires other viscosity, rheology or reactivity). 

 All inks are formulated with pigments free of heavy metals (lead-free) and are in accordance with the European guideline EN71/3. We exclude the use of NVP (N-vinylpyrrolidone: cancer suspected monomer) and solvents in our formulations. 

 ITX, benzophenone, Tin & Bisphenol A-free products on request. All our raw material suppliers procure European analasis certificates with each delivery or batch.