Radiation curing, flexo, screen printing, roller coating

Screen printing

UNIVERSAL UV INK – standard uv ink for allmost all kind of materials – excellent outdoor resistance (with the high resistant pigments)

OVERPRINT VARNISHES – high gloss/satin gloss/matt spot varnishes , high protection varnishes, security varnishes, anti-grafitty

CARDBOARD UV INK – for paper & board
UV PROP INK – 1-component for treated PP
LOW DYNE UV INK – for PS & PVC with a (too) low surface tension

WATER UV INK – water washable ink for paper & board

SOFT UV INK – for PVC-canvas & cling

FORM UV INK – thermoformable ink

SPECIAL UV INK – product developed for and/or with the customer (exclusivity possible)




FLEXO UV INK standard flexo uv ink for almost all kind of materials

Glossy, satin gloss & matt overprint varnishes
Low migration products



Roller Coating

High resistant uv & led curing inks

varnishes to protect digital (UV) inks

primers for digital & flexo UV inks

primers for digital toners

matt/satin gloss/glossy all over varnishes
high protection overprint varnishes